WADEO 20 Rock Climbing Holds For Kids Children With Installation Hardware Multi-Coloured Climbing Stones Set Bolts&T-nuts For Your DIY Rock Stone Wall, Indoor and outdoor Playground Climbing Wall


  • Material: poly resin plastic
  • Weigh: 95g/PCS
  • color: red, blue, yellow, green, orange assorted

Product description

This climbing holds are design for Children, size properly with textured surface, easy to grasp firmly. And easy to add on outdoor play-set or in door home wall, create a climbing wall in a moment. a good way to promote kids’ strength balance and endurance.

  1. Make of ultra-durable poly resin plastics, textured surface easy to grasp firmly.
  2. Perfect shapes and size deigned for kids, easy to hold.
  3. Suitable for Indoor or outdoor, make a great addition to home wall ,swing set, playset, jungle gym, rock , or playground equipment.
  4. Easy to install, come with instruction and installation hardware accessories.
  5. Great for children exercise and development, promote kids’ strength, balance flexibility, and endurance while having fun.


  1. Material: poly resin plastic
  2. Weigh: 95g/PCS
  3. color: red, blue, yellow, green, orange assorted

Package included:

  • 20 x Climbing holds (Color assorted)
  • 40 x T-nut&bolt
  • 1 x Wrench