6Ft 2M USB To MIDI Keyboard Interface Converter Cable Adapter – Adapter USB to Midi In-Out Converter Music Keyboard Piano to PC Laptop for 98SE/ME/2000/XP Mac OS 9x Vista

Product description

UPC: 757440596326


NOTE: There are lots of midi device in marketplace. We can 100% guarantee this adapter can work with all the midi device properly because different midi device brands, midi device models, different built-in chip would cause the incompatibility problems. If our adapter is not compatible with your existing system, we appreciate it if you can share your device detail with us. So we can respond it to our tech team to optimize it and notice this incompatible device in our product description.

Attention: Plug ” IN Cable” to “OUT” on keyboard & devices; Plug ” OUT Cable” to “IN” on keyboard & devices.

Easy to install with built-in driver; USB powered, no AC adapter needed. LED power indicator; MIDI in & out signal indicator; Supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP Mac OS 9x and Vista.

1 in + 1 out MIDI interface; 16 MIDI input channels & 16 MIDI output channels.

Turn your PC into a music studio by connecting a music keyboard to your computer with the USB MIDI cable. Comes with an AGPtek USB 2.0 All-in-One Card Reader.

Suitable system and model:

ATTENTION! this adapter can’t work with IPAD

  1. Case PX 320
  2. Casio Privia
  3. CASIO px 720
  4. Casio px100 electric piano
  5. DD-503 electronic drum
  6. KB280
  7. KORG X5
  8. Kurzweil SP4-8
  9. Mac 2012 version, Yamaha PSR-310
  10. Mac 2012 version, Yamaha PSR-38
  11. MAC OS X 10.8.5, logic pro x, soft source
  12. MAC OS X 10.8.5, studio one, soft source keyboard: Yamaha KB280
  13. MacBook air, synthesis, Kawai CA13 electric piano
  14. MIDIPLUS 61 origin
  15. MK-928
  16. p95
  17. PX120
  18. Roland 11KV
  19. Roland electric drum td 4kp
  20. Roland FP-4F
  21. ROLAND GW8, Mac Logic Pro X
  22. Roland RS-9
  23. Roland TD11
  24. Roland TD15KV
  25. Roland TD-4KP
  26. Studio Logic 880 MIDI keyboard
  27. Windows 7 64-bit system, logic pro x, soft source
  28. Windows 7 64-bit system, Sonar X2
  29. Windows 7 64-bit system, studio one, soft source keyboard: Yamaha KB280
  30. Windows 7 64-bit system, Yamaha kb180
  31. Windows 7, cubase, soft source, ASIO4ALL electric piano: Yamaha YDP161
  32. Yamaha 281
  33. Yamaha E323
  34. yamaha kb210+pt10 combination
  35. Yamaha KB280
  36. Yamaha KBP300
  37. Yamaha P120s
  38. Yamaha p85
  39. Yamaha P85-S
  40. Yamaha P95B
  41. Yamaha tb3000
  42. Yamaha kb410: please turn on MIDI in this Yamaha kb410 when you want to connect it with the adapter
  43. Windows 8, Meike keyboard: if the adapter can’t work properly, please set USB MIDT and restart your devices