Mens Shirt Stays Military Garters Suspenders Adjustable Elastic Y-Style – Keeps Shirts Tucked In and Socks Staying Up

Product description

UPC: 766008382806

Do you have bunched up shirts, and would like premium, long-lasting shirt stay, to keep them in place? From LEO, to Military, to the office, or anyone looking to make a great impression, it’s crucial that you don’t have to think about your shirt, so you can think about the task at hand. No one likes a half-undone shirt. When you’re serious about your work, you need the consistency, like having your shirt tucked in all day. You need Shirt Stays. The men shirt stays with non-slip clamps make your shirt stay tucked in all day long. The shirt stays will not damaging your shirt. Use the shirt stay comfortable and make you confident.

  • “Y” STYLE DESIGN – 2-pack of Elastic shirt stays and Y style through a loop at the bottom and two clips on each stay connect to your shirt
  • DURABLE HIGH QUALITY – Designed to be worn daily and withstand washing
  • SECURITY RELIABLE – Metal clasps with nylon teeth firmly grip your shirts all day without damaging them.
  • ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC STAYS – Quick and easy to adjust. These shirt keepers almost are designed for any height person
  • KEEP THE SHIRT SHARP – The elastic suspenders have a lot of play to ensure a perfect fit and a shirt tucked in comfortably all day long through keeping shirt neat and tidy.